100% Organic therapeutically herbal skin remedies 

100% of all ingredients are Certified Organic ingredients and wild grown herbs in every bottle and every drop

 Absolutely free from any form of artificial ingredients and chemical solvents

All products have ZERO % artificial ingredients and we do not use chemical solvents of any form in our products

 100% Vegetarian

 100 % Effective

Our ingredients always adhere to the highest quality standards. We stand proudly by our natural skin care products, knowing that their purity achieves radiant, glowing and healthy skin for our customers. Organic skin healing products treat the problems from the root cause rather than only relieving symptoms. The results are fast and long-lasting.

 Always in glass containers

For your health, we ensure that our organic beauty products are always in glass containers.

 Complying with European regulations and have been tested for their safety, stability and efficiency.

Absolutely free from any form of chemicals, artificial ingredients (harmful or so-called non-harmful, PetrochemicalsSynthetic fragrances (perfumes), colours, Parabens, Sodium lauryl sulfate, Sodium laureth sulfate, Mineral oils, Lanolin, any type of alcohol or Benzyl alcohol, Cetearyl/cetyl alcohols, Potassium sorbate, Hidden chemical solvents, “ natural” derivate ingredients

We are not using so-called natural derivate ingredients as they are always blended with chemical solvents

There are NO genetically modified ingredients in our products or in our individual ingredients.

There are NO herbal “absolutes”  in our products

Absolutes are not organic ingredients. During extraction process it is used chemical solvent >hexane < and ethanol. Therefore we are not allowed to use this ingredient

We do not test our products on animals and neither do our suppliers.

We don’t use toxic – BPA plastic containers.

We do not use any ingredients containing palm, corn, soy or sunflower oil.

We do not dilute our products with water (aqua), floral waters, xanthan gum, Cetearyl/cetyl – alcohols, alcohols and other cheap ingredients. All Our products are concentrated and undiluted.