We only use carefully selected and strictly certified organic ingredients: herbs, flowers, seeds, nuts, fruits, wood and bee products. Our Wild grown Organic herbs come from unpolluted areas of Germany, France and India. These plants are cultivated and gathered from their wild habitat and are not contaminated by synthetic chemicals, pesticides or herbicides. All of our Organic ingredients are used in their true original form, unprocessed, raw and extracted naturally without chemical solvents and enriched naturally with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, enzymes and amino acids.

Organic skin healing works exclusively with farmers who are licensed as Certified Organic and who collect herbs from the controlled wild environments.  This approach ensures our products contain the finest therapeutic quality ingredients, energetic purity and provide fast results. We insist on the highest levels of organic integrity, fresh ingredients and authorized organic certification for each ingredient.

It has been a privilege to find, feel and used one of the finest organic ingredients on the planet earth and through our travelling, we learn there is a big difference between organic and proper (raw) organic. (Despite that all of them can hold organic certificate)

We work directly with producers. In this way, we avoid remedial practices that diminish the intrinsic value of the herbs we source.

All our Organic ingredients pass checks and analyses in order to ensure they are of the finest quality. We refuse to compromise on quality and organic integrity.