All of our products are small batch and made by hand using traditional recipes. We chose slower natural processing in order to avoid the use of chemical solvents which are usually used to speed processing.  During our manufacturing process, we use adhere to the use of glass and stainless steel materials. Our unique traditional preparation method requires up to 3 months for it to reach the final and effective herbal formulations.

We do not make our beauty products and then keep them on the shelf for years. Our skincare products are made by hand and to order with minimal machinery to preserve the vital essences of the nutritive ingredients. We do not use high speed, high temperatures and mass production; because we believe they kill all of the nutritive benefits our ingredients have to offer.  Each batch may vary in colour, density, scent and texture due to the natural ingredients within and this will not affect the quality of the product. We gather herbs in small quantities to reduce stress on the environment. We produce strictly to order giving maximum freshness with a high nutritive ingredient. All our products are limited however we do our best to fully satisfy our customers.

All our products are sold in glass jars/bottles to avoid our products being contaminated by BPA-toxic ingredients found in plastic containers and to ensure protection and freshness.