100% finest Certified Organic ingredients and ZERO artificial ingredients

Our 100% Organic products do not contain any type of chemicals (Artificial ingredients) including so-called “naturally derived” ingredients or chemical solvents in order to get these “natural” ingredients.

The scent and colour of each beauty product come absolutely and exclusively from wild organic herbs and flowers. We guarantee exceptional quality ingredients in every drop.

Our manufacturing philosophy includes only fresh herbs as we believe that too dried herbs or preserved ingredients do not have any nutritive value.  Our organic ingredients are seasonal, meaning what goes into our products depends on the natural cycle of herb growth.The results we get in each beauty formula is unique, fully nutritive, effective and visibly changing your skin and makes hundreds of happy customers.

We’ve searched the world for the very highest quality, rarest and finest certified Organic ingredients. Rich in natural vitamins, minerals and nutrients, our precious herbs, nuts and seeds are invaluable ingredients in our beauty products.  We ensure that all of our ingredients are organic, unrefined, and raw to make premium quality products. They contain the highest amount of nutritive ingredients. We believe that our products are healthy, safe and highly effective


Our skincare remedies solve problems from the root, not just covering symptoms

Our products provide visible results in a very short time with long-lasting effects because they are concentrated beauty products. Our skincare products solve problems from the root, not just covering symptoms which help ensure superb-long-lasting beauty results and skin transformation.


Our products last up to 50% longer than any other similar products

We do not dilute our products with water, floral waters, xanthan gum, cetyl/Cetearyl alcohol etc. to increase their volume. Even if some of those ingredients may not be harmful to your skin, they are not useful either. Those ingredients are only used when needed to accomplish structure or texture or simply to increase the volume of the cream. All our beauty products are super concentrated and long-lasting and therefore last longer than others. Our small packaging is for a good reason. You need to use less to accomplish magnificent results.


Concentrated herbal products enriched with precious crystals Quartz, Rose Quartz and Amethyst

Each herbal formula is unique and carefully uses nutritive ingredients that are designed to be more effective than those that are mass produced.All of our products contain over 20 different premium quality organic ingredients, wild grown herbs and precious crystals of Amethyst, Quartz and Rose Quartz.  These extraordinary potent beauty products are 20 times more powerful skin remedies than most others on the market.


Freshly handmade to order, unique manufacture process and glass packaging

All of our products are small batch and made by hand using traditional recipes. We chose slower natural processing in order to avoid the use of chemical solvents which are usually used to speed processing.  During our manufacturing process, we use adhere to the use of glass and stainless steel materials. Our unique traditional preparation method requires up to 3 months for it to reach the final and effective herbal formulations.

We do not make our beauty products and then keep them on the shelf for years. Our skincare products are made by hand and to order with minimal machinery to preserve the vital essences of the nutritive ingredients. We do not use high speed, high temperatures and mass production; because we believe they kill all of the nutritive benefits our ingredients have to offer.  Each batch may vary in colour, density, scent and texture due to the natural ingredients within and this will not affect the quality of the product. We gather herbs in small quantities to reduce stress on the environment. We produce strictly to order giving maximum freshness with a high nutritive ingredient. All our products are limited however we do our best to fully satisfy our customers.

All our products are sold in glass jars/bottles to avoid our products being contaminated by BPA-toxic ingredients found in plastic containers and to ensure protection and freshness.


Full list of ingredients and no hidden artificial ingredients behind the words: “naturally derivate”

Ingredients are listed on our products (INCI – names) so you know exactly what is in each product. You will not find any chemical solvents listed within our ingredients or hidden chemicals (behind the words: naturally derivate), we believe that only the use of 100% Organic ingredients are beneficial for our skin. Any forms of synthetic ingredients represent for us an unacceptable product.