This 100% Organic powerful plant-based formula activates upon contact with water.

This 100% organic gentle peeling treatment Absorbs sebum and impurities while lifting and removing dead skin cells with gentle exfoliating micro particles.

Contains a certified organic sulphur compound, wild crafted clays, certified organic rice, certified organic almond, certified organic herbs and many other finest organic ingredients which give outstanding soothing and softening results.  

You will notice immediately that the condition of the skin is visibly improved and skin left instantly radiant.

Regenerating and soothing, it eliminates impurities, revitalises and calms whilst encouraging healthy cellular renewal. This luxury facial and vegan treatment is completely formulated with the highest quality certified organic ingredients and it is absolutely free from any artificial ingredients.

Suitable for all skin types.

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This exfoliating treatment delivers amazing smoothing results. Skin is left with a smooth, healthy-looking finish.

Skin is completely rejuvenated and soft after the first application.

Once or twice a week, mix two little teaspoons with water, blend well until it forms a smooth paste. Apply to a dry face.

Gently massage (do not rub) paste in circular movements for one minute then splash your face with warm water till you remove all residues.

Follow with advanced facial mask and your favourite cream.

Prepare only the amount needed for immediate use.  It can be used daily as an intensive purifying treatments.

Suitable for all skin types

For problematic oily/acne prone skin:  use twice a week or more, then apply the advanced facial mask and finish with my intensive night treatment or organic signature cream. Oily and combination skin benefits hugely from this advanced peeling treatment.

For external use only.

Perform a patch test before use.

Please note, for best and long lasting results for the first one month of using organic skin healing products it is not recommended you use any other beauty brand (containing any form and any amount of chemicals/ artificial ingredients or so-called naturally derived ingredients)



It is important you store your product in a cool, dry place away from sunlight and moisture. Close bottle tightly after each use.

In a separate bowl prepare only the amount needed for immediate use.

Ingredients(INCI): * Avena sativa kernel extract, * Prunus armeniaca kernel extract,  *Prunus amygdalus dulcis seed, * Oryza sativa extract, * Rosa canina seed powder, * Maranta arundinacea root powder, * Kaolin, ** Bentonite, * Solum fullonum, * Montmorillonite, ** Zeolite, ** Moroccan lava clay,  *Dimethyl sulfone,* Azadirachta indica leaf extract, * Salvia sclarea extract

*Certified Organic Ingredients

** collected from wild, unpolluted and protected environment


100% of all ingredients are Certified Organic and wild harvested ingredients

Chemical solvents were NOT used in any stage of herbal extraction. This product contains 0% artificial ingredients. Scent and colour comes naturally from herbs and flowers.

100% Vegan product

Our formulations are updated from time to time as part of our commitment to Organic innovation and research. As such, the ingredient list shown here may vary from the label of the product. Our strict commitment to using Certified Organic & wild grown ingredients stays unchanged.

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